Wednesday, February 17, 2010

There is no denial!

Some things simply can't be denied.

We now know that Elliot aka Cassius aka PlejarenAlien aka PlejarenFuhrer (yes, he misses out on the ΓΌ) is not only a complete nutcase, he is also the type of person to steal costumes from musicals!

See for yourself:

Edit: Elliot removed his original video that was featured here, but fortunately we have great YouTubers who keep his memory alive.

and compare to

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The "Atheist Agenda"

Can someone please fill me in on this? I keep hearing creationists refer to an atheist agenda, and I am beginning to feel horribly left out! I mean, after all I am an atheist. If I am supposed to go by some agenda, you'd think I would be informed about it!

According to Kassie Dill I am part of a pro-gay new world order conspiracy.

According to Elliot atheism fell some time in February, and we are all in an uproar. Good thing his alien arse is going to save us then!

And then we have Geerup, who thinks he can revoke the agreement he entered with YouTube by putting a "copyright notice" on his youtube account, forbidding everyone to reuse his videos for quotation purposes, who keeps telling me I follow a religion called Atheism.

Of course there are many more of these religious nutcases, but I can't possibly list them all in one post. I may link a video of theirs here now and then, just to make fun of them though.

For now, if someone would be so kind and fill me in on what agenda I am supposed to follow, I would highly appreciate it. ;-)

So long, and thanks for all the fish!