Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brett Keane chickens out again

After Brett Keane repeatedly flagged comments of friends of mine for the most ridiculous reason, I decided to inform him that I would do the same to him. The following comment was left by me on JonPaulPrime's video Interview With Jdubs :
@WorldofWarcraftScrub I'm reporting your comment as harassment. Calling a dear friend of mine a pig, another friend a loser and chump, I think you have just done what you report other people for. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a strike for a strike. I'm done with you.
FelidaTheG33k vor 1 Stunde

Brett Keane in his smugness deleted the comment I responded to right after I made my reply, however, not in time for me to actually report it. In the comment he referred to Stefzula as "Shredder's pig wife" and to Shredder as "loser" and "chump".

Edit: Thanks to Shredder, who kept the original comment Brett made in his email inbox and sent me a screenshot, so here it is:

(click to enlarge)

Since Brett reports similar comments directed at him to YouTube, and repeatedly states so in this particular comment section, by his own standards his comment was worthy of being reported. Which of course is why he deleted it, probably thinking YouTube won't punish him for it if it's gone. Fortunately YouTube does keep records though, and I encourage everyone who receives this kind of treatment from Brett Keane to pay him back in kind and report any insult made by him to YouTube.

Immediately following my comment, I suddenly was added on Skype by none other than Jdubs. I accepted his request to see what he wanted to talk about, and immediately was dragged into a group call with him, Brett Keane and one other person I don't know. Originally I felt no urge to talk to Brett, especially since I was in a different group call with nice people at the time. Brett immediately began insulting me, but see for yourself:

[17:41:05] *** John Dubstein added FelidaTheG33k ***
[17:41:05] *** Conference call ***
[17:41:17] FelidaTheG33k: I'm in another call.
[17:41:24] FelidaTheG33k: Not interested talking to Brett.
[17:41:26] FelidaTheG33k: Sorry.
[17:41:49] John Dubstein: hello
[17:41:59] Brett Keane: Afraid?
[17:42:26] FelidaTheG33k: No, simply not interested in your apologetics. You will be flagged and reported just like you flag and report.
[17:42:28] Brett Keane: Your just a loser who talks trash
[17:42:30] FelidaTheG33k: Bye now.
[17:42:34] FelidaTheG33k: And no, I did report you.
[17:42:38] FelidaTheG33k: And will continue doing so.
[17:42:39] Brett Keane: Good
[17:42:54] Brett Keane: To cowardly to talk
[17:43:00] Brett Keane: Not even a woman
[17:43:01] FelidaTheG33k: And YOU are one to talk, calling people in with your own backup
[17:43:06] FelidaTheG33k: scared of a one on one talk still?
[17:43:11] Brett Keane: I'm here fatso
[17:43:18] FelidaTheG33k: How about this, YOU join MY call
[17:43:19] Brett Keane: On mic
[17:43:32] Brett Keane: How about you lose pounds piggy
[17:43:34] FelidaTheG33k: You are the one who ragequit on me last time, remember?
[17:43:41] FelidaTheG33k: And you calling me piggy is funny.
[17:43:44] FelidaTheG33k: Looked in the mirror lately?
[17:43:52] Brett Keane: You look like a female Chucky
[17:44:08] FelidaTheG33k: Give me more, Brett. I am saving this convo. :D
[17:44:10] FelidaTheG33k: This is funny.
[17:44:17] Brett Keane: Ever wonder why your single?
[17:44:21] FelidaTheG33k: I am not :D
[17:44:27] Brett Keane: yes you are
[17:44:39] FelidaTheG33k: Ask Al1981X if I'm
[17:44:42] Brett Keane: Sure
[17:44:56] Brett Keane: Get him in you wont
[17:45:01] FelidaTheG33k: So, are insults all you have?
[17:45:12] Brett Keane: You have no brains
[17:45:18] John Dubstein: lets be friends
[17:45:19] FelidaTheG33k: Actually, I'm a mensa member.
[17:45:40] FelidaTheG33k: Friends with a false flagging, false DMCAing, plagiarizing, doc dropping, cheating thief?
[17:45:42] FelidaTheG33k: No thanks.
[17:45:56] Brett Keane: So you announce you false flag in comments which is recorded but not have guts to talk
[17:45:57] FelidaTheG33k: Contact sent to the group
[17:45:59] Brett Keane: figures
[17:46:04] FelidaTheG33k: add him and ask him who his girlfriend is :D
[17:46:32] FelidaTheG33k: I announced a legitimate flag. Aren't you the one who keeps claiming your flags are legit? You justified me flagging your comments.
[17:46:35] FelidaTheG33k: By your own actions.
[17:46:48] FelidaTheG33k: As I said, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a flag for a flag.
[17:47:04] FelidaTheG33k: So how long before you kick me from this convo, Brett?
[17:47:12] FelidaTheG33k: Come on, you know you want to ragequit.
[17:47:21] FelidaTheG33k: It's the one thing you are good at.
[17:47:22] John Dubstein: have him add me
[17:47:37] FelidaTheG33k: Perhaps he doesn't want anything to do with you.
[17:47:45] Brett Keane: You pln on joining the call tubby?
[17:47:46] Brett Keane: as well
[17:47:53] John Dubstein: i am a good person
[17:48:38] FelidaTheG33k: So Brett, join my call, if you are that desperate to talk?
[17:48:45] Brett Keane: Perhaps you have no man...thats why you always want myself and jdubs attention
[17:48:48] FelidaTheG33k: I am sure you won't chicken out of that, will you?
[17:49:00] FelidaTheG33k: As I said, add Al1981X to this call
[17:49:06] FelidaTheG33k: and he will confirm who he is with :P
[17:49:21] FelidaTheG33k: And I am not the one who called here, am I?
[17:49:29] FelidaTheG33k: I simply reported your comment and you seem to be butthurt

After this exchange, and after asking my boyfriend and a few friends if they were willing to join that call for a bit of clarification (figuring if Brett comes in a team of three, so can I), I joined the call and dragged some friends in.

[17:50:29] *** FelidaTheG33k added Al1981HEX ***
[17:50:48] *** FelidaTheG33k added Matt/Napalm ***
[17:51:06] *** FelidaTheG33k added SchizophrenicQueen ***
I informed Brett right away that in my country recording of voice conversations requires all parties to consent, and that I refuse to consent to him recording the call. US law states that even if you live in a one party consent state, if you do talk to a person from a state that requires two party consent, the two party consent overrules the one party consent, so if Brett actually posts any voice recording of mine (in which at some point I swear at him for repeatedly interrupting me), he is performing an illegal action and I will flag that video down.

Jdubs then added JonPaulPrime, which I had no objections to whatsoever. Unfortunately right after that I received a call on my cellphone, which was more important than talking to Brett Keane, so I am unaware of the conversation up to that point. It appears Napalm had left earlier, not wanting to hear Brett's annoying voice, which I can understand completely.

[17:52:00] *** John Dubstein added JonPaulPrime ***
[17:52:44] John Dubstein: jon
[17:56:32] Al1981HEX: h8tred42
[18:04:30] Al1981HEX:
[18:14:10] SchizophrenicQueen:
[18:32:00] Al1981HEX: brb
[18:34:29] Matt/Napalm: the deaal was not to talk to brett
[18:34:36] *** Matt/Napalm has left ***
[18:49:48] Al1981HEX: brb
[18:53:43] Al1981HEX: back
[18:53:49] Al1981HEX: getting terribke echo

When I returned, I demanded an apology from Brett for the insults earlier on in the chat, but instead of acknowledging that he started out with insulting me, he kept interrupting me and kept babbling on about his videos, which I am not even interested in. Eventually I raised my voice, since I got quite sick and tired of his constant interruptions as well as the fact that he kicked my friend SchizophrenicQueen for simply asking him to not interrupt.

[18:55:35] *** Brett Keane removed SchizophrenicQueen from this conversation. ***

Needless to say there was no holding back for me from that point on. I think this was the moment I began swearing at him. A simple payback for the earlier insults, I think it was a fair trade. Of course he smugly informed me that he had recorded that bit. Good on you, Brett. He proceeded by kicking me right after, in typical Brett fashion.

[19:00:29] *** Brett Keane removed FelidaTheG33k from this conversation. ***

Within minutes Alex was kicked as well, and JonPaulPrime left the conversation on his own, disagreeing with the kicks.

So Brett once again proves that he can't handle criticism, has to show up with backup instead of one on one, and that he will never join on someone else's turf but instead insist, much like in stickam, to kick people whenever he hears things he doesn't like.

Brett, you're chickenshit.