Friday, November 12, 2010


So YouTube has been filled with major drama lately, and what does your beloved Felida do? That's right, gets right into the middle of it all! So of course I have a bone to pick with some people, and hopefully will find the time the coming weekend to make a few videos about everything (and everyone), but let's get a little summary of people on my shitlist:


"But why, Felida? You seemed to get along so well in London!" Why yes, we did, or so I thought. But then dear ooj turned around and decided to operate the slandermill on our friend DLandonCole. Something I simply can't approve of, especially after we all met up in London and got to know each other. ooj should have known better than to make a video like this. He could have simply addressed Landon privately and probably would have received quite satisfactory replies. Of course other people also questioned ooj's video, one of them being my friend PhysicalConservative, who then immediately got attacked by none other than


"Whom?" Oh, sorry, you may remember that one as the notorious NuclearNight. This person who calls herself a radical feminist, but acts like a female chauvinist. She quite frequently enjoys pointing out that all men are potential rapists, and has severe issues with females who actually enjoy sex with men. After she attacked PhysicalConservative on ooj's comment section, I wanted to make sure she stays clear off me, because I already disliked her, which I stated in my comment to ooj, where I voiced my disappointment with him. Of course she took that to a reason to immediately spout her row of insults at me. It's quite funny, how she, the self proclaimed feminist, uses insults such as "slut", "whore" and "cunt". So I took her bait and insulted her back, probably not the smartest choice, since I usually try to stay polite, but who cares? I think my insults were fair enough and not pulled out of thin air, like hers, calling people names just for the sake of namecalling. Of course she was shortly after assisted by her faithful sidekick


whom you may remember as DianaBoston. Her oh so witty reply was: "Shut-tup", but at least she didn't resort to petty name calling... just yet. That she did on later videos made by people I will refer to in a bit. I knew of her from a rather hateful comment she left on my friend Rhysz1's channel, and was quite surprised to see her jump right onto another friend, who replied to that comment, immediately accusing her of being one of "these stalkers", not for one second assuming that this may be a friend of Rhysz1's, wondering what issue that woman had with Rhysz. So I decided to do a bit of digging on this random stranger who so rudely injected herself into this little lovey dovey affair I had with the "she-hippo" (thank you DixieComic for that wonderful title for NN). And what do I find? She, the woman who leaves hateful comments on other people's channels, who injects herself rudely into a conversation (and later on resorts to name calling also), posted on the YouTube help forum for feeling stalked. And as if this isn't pitiful enough, she uses the "I'm depressed and disabled" excuse to make people feel sorry for her. What's the big deal, Diana? You think you're the only disabled person on YouTube? Well, let me help you out: You're not. The majority just doesn't use it to make people feel sorry for this oh so defenseless person that loves to spread hate and insults.


is another person who seems to enjoy sucking up to the likes of the she-hippo, regardless of the fact that her gang of female chauvinists considers him a potential rapist and inferior being, simply because he was born with dangly bits. He chose to mirror a video which depicts PhysicalConservative as the loser of the fight between him and the she-hippo, and it looked much like he was orgasming over this idea. He's also never been the type that was able to argue without flinging insults around though, so maybe that is why he and the she-hippo get along so well. Seems like a Tourette selfhelp group found its way onto YouTube. Since the she-hippo and her friend SaelPalani were still dead set on spouting insults, I threw myself into that comment section as well, however, this time I didn't lower myself to their standards and actually was quite polite. My last post pretty much explained my standpoint that unlike iremythpurr and SaelPalani, I am not scared of a penis and actually consider men equal. It would appear SardonicSkeptic disagreed with me on the equality bit and actually considers himself inferior, since he blocked me after that comment.

Talking about blocking, 


is another one that appears to have his panties in a knot. A few days ago he already pissed me off a bit by kicking my friend ScouseCaspaXS out of another friend's blogTV show, while that friend was unable to pay attention to his channel. Why did he kick? Because he doesn't like her. And just to show how much he wants to mess with her, he uploaded a "comedy" video, ranting on about a love affair she has with someone else. I found the video in rather poor taste and not funny at all, which is why I commented that I had been at a funeral that had more comedy, which is actually true, as my friend Rhysz1 can confirm, since I talked to him the very day of the funeral and told him about it. So what does RogueCombatant do? His usual thing: He gets all out rude. So I decided to get rude back, thinking he can take it like a man. And what do I see? He asks me a question, but apparently doesn't want a response, since I am now blocked by him as well. Could it be that the she-hippo and her gang got a hold of his balls? Who knows...

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