Tuesday, September 6, 2011

She knows me so well... (or not)

I found this comment section in one of TruthsFrictionThree's recent videos, which shows yet again how adorably dishonest DmKrispin is, so I decided to address her and this person I don't know by the name of KCKatheist, who seems to think we are on a first name basis.

@KCKatheist (this is ALL public from herself) She has a congenital valve defect, and needs a replacement. She's put it off for years, and publicly claims that the surgery is quite life-threatening and she will likely DIE (gasp!!), but privately admits that her doctor says it's actually fairly routine these days. She's still a heavy smoker (40 cigs a day) and she eats high-fat, high-sugar foods, and of course no regular exercise.

Which brings us to her other disabilities

DmKrispin 2 weeks ago

Fact: I am suffering from aortic insufficiency. What I HAD been putting off for 2 years however was not the surgery, but the regular check ups, since my condition then was not bad enough to indicate surgery and was treatable with medication. I neglected seeing my cardiologist for fear that he might suggest I need surgery at one point, which scared me, but have been to a check-up recently, where it was established that I will have to have surgery within the next year. I do NOT smoke 40 cigarettes a day, although I do smoke. The number DmKrispin mentioned is freely invented for dramatic purpose. She also lies about my diet, which she knows absolutely nothing about, as well as my exercise habits.

(>>cont.) She claims to have arthritis in her knees so bad that she "can barely walk", but she has no problems travelling & strolling around shopping and sight-seeing whenever she wants. She does no physical therapy for it, and she uses no mobility devices, not even a cane. She also neglects her general health, including allowing her weight to increase, which puts more wear and tear on her joints.

DmKrispin 2 weeks ago

DmKrispin has obviously never seen me walk, especially in the morning. I actually DO have problems "strolling around", which is why I opted out of participating in the activities that required longer walks during our Liverpool gathering and fell behind during a rather long walk in London, which anyone participating can testify to as well. As a matter of fact I DO get physical therapy and I do not neglect my general health, having lost a large amount of weight over the past year, contrary to her claim.

(cont) She also claims to have spinal arthritis, but knows surprisingly little about the condition, does no PT for it, travels long distances, going to concerts, strolling, shopping, sight-seeing, etc. She also shows no problem moving around, standing, sitting on uncomfortable chairs or rough-housing. In Liverpool, she got behind Rhysz (who is 6' tall), wrapped her arms around his waist, lifted him completely off the ground, & slammed him back down hard enough to hurt his knee.

Interesting, no?
DmKrispin 2 weeks ago

I find it amazing how DmKrispin claims to know how little I know about my own condition without me ever discussing it with her. She also assumes I do no PT, which is a blatant lie (I swim regularly, which is one of the physical exercises I can perform somewhat pain free, as there is no additional strain on the joints). Yes, I travel, but she makes it sound like I go on 8 hour flights, not the short flights to England or train trips to Belgium and the Netherlands. Last time I checked, people with disabilities were still allowed to travel. Her observation in regards to "standing or sitting around on uncomfortable chairs" is quite interesting, as we never met in person. I am assuming this information is based on hearsay by the person she mentions in this paragraph. However, that person knows very well that I am on permanent pain medication, as I shared one of my painkillers with him when he injured his knee, which by the way happened unrelated to the playful body slam. Oh, and I did not wrap my arms around his waist, but his upper body and used a rather simple move that takes advantage of leverage (step back, short jerk upwards with little strength used, simply dropping again while moving backwards, so no slam, he only hit the floor with his own body weight, while I simply moved his center of gravity behind where his feet touched the ground - ask a martial artist for details), to knock Rhysz off balance, who, despite his knee injury was running about rather speedily, chasing after another Liverpool attendee. Blaming his knee injury on me is a blatant lie by DmKrispin yet again, since he had it previously to our playful encounter.

@DmKrispin Very much so. I'm neuro certified, but worked cardiac ACU for years. Valve replacements are fairly routine. Even aortic valve replacements/grafts are generally uneventful. Deaths I dealt with resulted from secondary issues-blood clots, respiratory emergencies, infections, etc. These were rare and occured in the post-op phase. Smoking, drinking & obesity put valve defect patients at far greater risk if they refuse replacement surgery.


KCKatheist 2 weeks ago

Yes, valve replacements are fairly routine, but nonetheless there is a risk, especially when combined with other medical conditions that neither you nor DmKrispin know about, and anyone facing such a surgery has a right to be scared. It is nice how a self proclaimed nurse is trying to put a medical diagnosis and prognosis on me though without a single look at my medical file. You may also be aware that surgery is not performed until absolutely necessary and the condition is often treated with medication if no immediate risk is present, while closely observing the patient in regular checkups. Doctors generally suggest moderate exercise (while strenuous exercise is forbidden) as well as a healthy body weight to minimize risk. I have been on Torasemide for years and have lost a nice amount of weight over the past year.

@KCKatheist As for arthritis in the knees, you are aware of the obvious. As she remains quite unrestricted in her mobility, I doubt it's severe. Arthritis in the spine (spondylosis) is agonizingly painful and debilitating. Most patients are on potent pain relievers, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatory rx. Lifting a bag of groceries is generally prohibitive-lifting a 6', 200lbs man, impossible. Mobility is severely limited; many patients use wheelchairs or scooters.

KCKatheist 2 weeks ago

I remain unrestricted in my mobility? I find this rather funny, coming from two people who have never met me in person. As a matter of fact, I am rather restricted in my mobility. I am on metamizole and diclofenac and there are days I DO use crutches, as those who actually DO know me and have met me have observed and can testify to.

@KCKatheist Some patients benefit from extensive spinal fusions, but often the surgery fails and patients are left more crippled than pre-operatively.

The pain from spondylosis is extreme. It can be seen in the faces, heard in the voices of those afflicted. It can't be masked. Meds such as Oxycontin are used, often in high doses, to manage this pain. People on such potent opiates who drink to excess generally go to sleep and never wake up.

I doubt her veracity.
KCKatheist 2 weeks ago

So this self proclaimed medical expert generalizes people on pain medication, claiming they drink to excess generally. Lovely. Well, as stated above, I am on a variety of medications for my various conditions, but do not drink excessively. It is impressive how a mere nurse doubts the diagnosis of various specialists, especially since the specialists have actually seen me in person, have X-rays, CT scans, etc, unlike KCKatheist.

Do you people realize just how retarded you sound?

Have a nice day.