Monday, December 20, 2010

It's been a year, and you still have me blocked? Seriously?

Dear Shawn,

unfortunately this little welcome back message on your new video didn't make it through, since you apparently still have me blocked. This however gives me the opportunity to leave you a note here, on my blog, which is wonderful, since there is no character limitation.

So what happened to "disassociating yourself" from the VenomFangX persona? Or your therapy that you claimed you were going to get? I sure hope it's going well for you, and I also hope you by now have given the funds you claimed to collect for Sick Kids Hospital to that charity, instead of using it for new video equipment or other things of your fancy.

I really hope you will start out your renewed YouTube career as someone, who actually lives by the word he preaches. As far as I remember, being the good former catholic that I am, you're not supposed to steal or lie. So we will see if you go on a false DMCAing spree again, won't we?

Well, now that Thunderf00t has his favourite chewtoy back, at least I know where to get some entertainment. You two were hilarious together, I think you should catch up on old times, hug each other and begin your very own comedy show together. Who knows, you may not have to steal from sick kids then.

Happy holidays,

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