Sunday, December 5, 2010

Isnogo14 is a eugenics supporting elitist. Proof.

So here is the complete chatlog. The only thing I edited were the names of two other people who participated in the discussion. Publication of this log is in clearance with the Skype group from which this log came from.

Edit: Since I got a few TL;DR comments, I decided to highlight some key bits of his statements in red, although I would much prefer you read the entire thing in context.

Oh, and before I forget: Isno claims I made two conflicting statements about why I kicked him, saying I lied. My verbal statement in a video was that I kicked him because he kept going on about an issue I told him was done. He claims the conflicting statement was that on my channelpage:

FelidaTheGeek (vor 5 Tagen)
@IsNoGod11 No, I kicked you because you were rude, elitist and stupid. You lost that argument by far, and wouldn't let it go when I told you to. Now you are blocked from my channel as well for posting idiotic remarks on my channel. Have a nice day.

I see no conflict here. Do you?

[29.11.2010 18:49:43] IsNoGod: top dog must do whats nessasry to remain top dog
[29.11.2010 18:50:00] IsNoGod: its what the usa is doing now
[29.11.2010 18:50:44] Chatter1: china is too big to remain top dog for long
[29.11.2010 18:50:53] Chatter1: you can't treat your people like shit forever
[29.11.2010 18:51:41] IsNoGod: we will see they seem to have done pretty well till now
[29.11.2010 18:52:01] Chatter1: it's only been 40 odd years since mao
[29.11.2010 18:52:06] Chatter1: that's nothing to a nation
[29.11.2010 18:53:20] IsNoGod: true but id dont think u can judge there abitity to remain top dog on the length of there current existance china has always been powerful empire through out the ages
[29.11.2010 18:53:33] IsNoGod: first to invent gun power etc
[29.11.2010 18:54:02] Chatter1: yeah but they've also fallen a ton
[29.11.2010 18:54:15] IsNoGod: well they all fall
[29.11.2010 18:54:17] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: That time has long passed Isno, if you go by that, Egypt should be a world power again soon
[29.11.2010 18:54:25] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: they were on the rise for thousands of years
[29.11.2010 18:54:28] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: then fell
[29.11.2010 18:55:40] IsNoGod: not quite china has endured also take into account that forgive the term (orientals) have a higher average iq to that of any other creed
[29.11.2010 18:56:06] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: china hasn't exactly endured as such, it fell and is now rising again
[29.11.2010 18:56:13] Chatter1: yeah but iq is just the ability to recognize patterns
[29.11.2010 18:56:43] Chatter1: i'm a red neck dumbass and scored 146 on one when i was 14
[29.11.2010 18:56:54] IsNoGod: not exacly felida can tell us a bit about iq she is mensa approved but there is a lot more to it than that
[29.11.2010 18:57:12] Chatter1: lol my father told mensa to fuck themselves when they invited me
[29.11.2010 18:57:14] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: no Isno, there really isn't... IQ is all about logical thinking
[29.11.2010 18:57:26] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: it does in no way indicate that you can apply that intelligence to practical things
[29.11.2010 18:57:36] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: I've seen it over and over again at MENSA meetings
[29.11.2010 18:57:44] IsNoGod: ok so on average they are more capable of thinking logically than westerners
[29.11.2010 18:57:57] IsNoGod: which bodes well 4 any civalisation
[29.11.2010 18:57:58] Chatter1: i think the human race as a whole is irrational
[29.11.2010 18:58:16] Chatter1: nuclear war heads prove that
[29.11.2010 18:58:42] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: and again, IQ alone won't get you anywhere... you can solve logical puzzles, but that doesn't mean you can find solutions to problems or deal with the emotional side of things
[29.11.2010 18:58:51] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: and humans are generally highly emotional beings
[29.11.2010 18:58:59] IsNoGod: nuclear war heads r nice they have prevented a thrird world war up to now but when the war does break out and it wil there will be nothing much of anything left
[29.11.2010 18:59:29] IsNoGod: emotion is irrelevant to a civilastion
[29.11.2010 18:59:42] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Isno, it is not
[29.11.2010 18:59:46] IsNoGod: why not
[29.11.2010 18:59:51] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: it was emotion that got french emperors beheaded
[29.11.2010 19:00:02] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: in politics you have to consider emotions more than anything
[29.11.2010 19:00:07] IsNoGod: logic would serve mcuh better
[29.11.2010 19:00:11] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: you may offend the wrong people and be beheaded
[29.11.2010 19:00:26] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: logic would serve better if your subjects are all logical
[29.11.2010 19:00:28] IsNoGod: there is too much emotion in our decision more logic beter world
[29.11.2010 19:00:42] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: but since they never are, you have to be able to consider emotional factors
[29.11.2010 19:00:51] Chatter1: i know a few scientists that would disagree with you isno
[29.11.2010 19:01:23] IsNoGod: china is well ahead of us they even endorse eugenics in allowing on certian people to study
[29.11.2010 19:01:45] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Isno, wrong, it's not about emotions in our decision making, it's about understanding the emotions of those you are supposed to lead... if you are incapable of doing so, you'll be an overthrown ruler before you know it
[29.11.2010 19:02:16] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: emotions cause riots, they cause revolutions
[29.11.2010 19:02:40] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: if you are incapable of recognizing and dealing with it accordingly, you are not made to be a leader
[29.11.2010 19:03:03] IsNoGod: i agree but u need need emotion to understand it logic will do nicely logic is just more important in building any cohesive successful civilisation
[29.11.2010 19:03:41] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Well, it has to be a mix of both... the best leaders are those who can apply logic and understand emotions
[29.11.2010 19:03:41] Chatter1: if you only imploy logic in decision making you get a hard and uncaring moral code
[29.11.2010 19:04:19] IsNoGod: if u want a winning civilstion all u need is further study in eugenics and a nice eugenics program that allows only the fit to breed that way u end up with a smarter better quality population
[29.11.2010 19:04:26] IsNoGod: that would be more productive
[29.11.2010 19:04:39] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: also, emotions can move masses... look at Goebbels... in his speeches, he played to the emotion of the people... he riled them up to have their unwavering support in the end... emotions are a massive tool, if played right
[29.11.2010 19:04:51] Chatter1: isno that's communist lol
[29.11.2010 19:05:07] IsNoGod: lol is it i dont see that it matters
[29.11.2010 19:05:33] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Well, it takes away from human rights... humans have a right to breed with whomever they want... period.
[29.11.2010 19:05:54] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: there was someone who applied eugenics before to try and breed his master race, remember?
[29.11.2010 19:06:00] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: he failed miserably :P
[29.11.2010 19:06:16] IsNoGod: yep it takes away from human rights i agree yea poor hitler and starlin never got it right
[29.11.2010 19:06:16] Chatter1: the fuerer
[29.11.2010 19:06:32] Chatter1: white power!
[29.11.2010 19:06:55] IsNoGod: china is already getting it right with laws people r only allowed 1 child how is that for an impingment on human rights
[29.11.2010 19:07:02] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: that's the point though... taking away human rights of certain groups riles up emotions... and that is what will lead to the downfall of any leadership that violates human rights
[29.11.2010 19:07:10] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: eventually they can not control the emotions anymore
[29.11.2010 19:07:10] Chatter1: well china is more concerned about over population
[29.11.2010 19:08:02] IsNoGod: sometime peoples rights must be reserved for the good of all you cant have every second twat running around doing his own thing a certain amount of control is needed for the sake of all
[29.11.2010 19:08:13] Chatter1: statist!
[29.11.2010 19:08:18] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: sorry, but human rights are non negotiable
[29.11.2010 19:08:18] Chatter1: anarchy!
[29.11.2010 19:08:19] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: never
[29.11.2010 19:08:21] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: ever
[29.11.2010 19:08:28] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: even if it means the death of thousands
[29.11.2010 19:08:35] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: or more
[29.11.2010 19:09:07] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: the only time I am perfectly willing to violate human rights is for the sake of my kids... in that case, fuck you all, you'll die if it means my kids will survive
[29.11.2010 19:09:12] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: and I'd personally see to it :P
[29.11.2010 19:10:16] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: and nobody said anything about a twat running around doing "his own thing"
[29.11.2010 19:10:37] IsNoGod: sure they are if you right to drive a car impacts on others and adversly effects humanity as a whole i see no reason why it should not be removed or comparitivly if your right to breed as inconantly as you like impacts on the future of man kind abd leads to an over populated world where there is not enough food or natrual reasorces that right need to be examined
[29.11.2010 19:10:39] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: there is a declaration of human rights I quite agree with, although those who came up with it don't seem to care much anymore
[29.11.2010 19:11:16] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: you are ranting on about being allowed to do anything, etc... I am talking about the fundamental human rights, and I am not willing to allow any negotiation for those
[29.11.2010 19:11:25] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: regardless of what argument you bring forth
[29.11.2010 19:11:36] IsNoGod: than humanity will die out
[29.11.2010 19:11:37] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: you can disagree with me all you want, but you won't change my mind on that
[29.11.2010 19:11:43] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: then by all means, let it die out
[29.11.2010 19:11:50] Chatter1: of course we will isno
[29.11.2010 19:11:55] Chatter1: nothing lasts forever
[29.11.2010 19:11:56] IsNoGod: fine by me
[29.11.2010 19:12:19] IsNoGod: why do you want to have sex Chatter1?
[29.11.2010 19:12:31] IsNoGod: cause humanity should die out?
[29.11.2010 19:12:46] Chatter1: cause i like pussy!
[29.11.2010 19:12:58] IsNoGod: is that why dna has this relentless quest to be passed on so it may die out?
[29.11.2010 19:13:04] Chatter1: no
[29.11.2010 19:13:12] Chatter1: but eventually the atoms on earth will decompose
[29.11.2010 19:13:20] Chatter1: nothing can last forever
[29.11.2010 19:13:36] IsNoGod: yep so i say follow instinct and make it last as long as possible
[29.11.2010 19:13:53] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Are you still trying to argue your point, Isno? I suggest you stop it. We have a right to our opinion, just like you have to yours.
[29.11.2010 19:13:58] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: I have the right to breed
[29.11.2010 19:14:00] Chatter1: but instinct isn't logical all the time
[29.11.2010 19:14:04] IsNoGod: and if we can legislate for the good of mankind im all 4 it
[29.11.2010 19:14:09] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: I have the right to have as many children as I want for whatever reason
[29.11.2010 19:14:21] IsNoGod: im not saying u dont
[29.11.2010 19:14:26] Chatter1: i need to walk across campus brb
[29.11.2010 19:14:31] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: and if you wish to impede on MY human rights for the sake of humanity, then you should be locked up, simple as that
[29.11.2010 19:14:34] IsNoGod: im saying if i were in change u would not
[29.11.2010 19:14:51] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: then I would see to it that you would be assassinated, probably personally kill you
[29.11.2010 19:15:07] IsNoGod: and tHATS THE WAY IT GOES
[29.11.2010 19:15:08] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: simply because anyone who is in power and does impede on my human rights has no right to live
[29.11.2010 19:15:26] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: nobody has a right to take away the human rights of another person
[29.11.2010 19:15:43] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: you are upset about the atrocities committed in Iraq, yet you wish to commit one even worse?
[29.11.2010 19:16:05] IsNoGod: well im fine with that as long as we both accept if some greater form of control percifically birth control is imposed or eugenics that mankind will move backwards
[29.11.2010 19:16:27] IsNoGod: either that or introduce the technology to support a poppulation of 9 billion
[29.11.2010 19:16:35] IsNoGod: he cant even supprt the 7 we have now
[29.11.2010 19:16:46] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: circle of life... I have no urge to save humanity from itself
[29.11.2010 19:17:17] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: we will slowly but surely stupify ourselves for a few hundred years again, fall back into a lesser state and then improve again
[29.11.2010 19:17:33] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: it's how it has been throughout time... civilizations rise and fall and new ones arise
[29.11.2010 19:17:50] IsNoGod: thats fine neither do i it can die out 4 all i care i just want to be happy in my own life its just a simple truth that such laws would be needed to save mankind cause people r not smart enough on there own
[29.11.2010 19:18:32] IsNoGod: there is no reason it should be that way its a problem that can be fixed
[29.11.2010 19:18:39] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Well fuck mankind if the survival of it is based on taking away the rights of some of them... you think you have the right to be happy, you care about your own happiness... so do others
[29.11.2010 19:18:48] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: even STUPID people have a right to live happily
[29.11.2010 19:18:51] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: and have kids
[29.11.2010 19:18:59] IsNoGod: im a hypocrite i dont deny it
[29.11.2010 19:19:24] IsNoGod: stupid peope=stupid kids=degredation of society for my kids.....................
[29.11.2010 19:19:33] IsNoGod: not good 4 my dna
[29.11.2010 19:19:38] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: and I have had that discussion with you before
[29.11.2010 19:19:46] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: stupid does not mean they can not contribute to society
[29.11.2010 19:19:47] IsNoGod: remind me i forgot
[29.11.2010 19:19:59] IsNoGod: i recalll now
[29.11.2010 19:19:59] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: do you honestly think people like Thunderfoot would want to work for the trash pickup?
[29.11.2010 19:20:10] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: without the stupid people we would CROAK in our own waste
[29.11.2010 19:20:27] IsNoGod: yea they can clean the streets thats great im happy with that its just there r a few too many dumb ones
[29.11.2010 19:20:34] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: We need people to do the physical labour
[29.11.2010 19:20:40] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: and no, there are not enough
[29.11.2010 19:20:55] IsNoGod: oh yes there r too many stupid people
[29.11.2010 19:21:05] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: did you know the majority of job openings here in Germany are jobs most people consider themselves "too good and too intelligent" to do?
[29.11.2010 19:21:33] IsNoGod: yep thats why germany imports labout of lessor education to do those jobs
[29.11.2010 19:21:53] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: We have people with a degree in business management driving cabs, because we don't have enough businesses to manage, and not enough cab drivers
[29.11.2010 19:22:03] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: biochemists who work as cashiers
[29.11.2010 19:22:10] IsNoGod: problem solved and with great automisation those jobs will become less and less nessary technology will make do and stand where dumb labour once did
[29.11.2010 19:22:25] IsNoGod: go and look at a vw factory 40 years ago and look at it now
[29.11.2010 19:22:51] IsNoGod: and u will see how technowlogy has come to stand in the place of dumb labout
[29.11.2010 19:23:03] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: That doesn't mean we can rationalize people away and then dump the people... the output is still the same, it would still support the same amount of people, actually more
[29.11.2010 19:23:17] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: and yes, I am speaking like a socialist now
[29.11.2010 19:23:20] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: because I AM ONE
[29.11.2010 19:23:45] IsNoGod: well the differance is with the dumb people around u get more dumb people without them u dont
[29.11.2010 19:23:56] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: It is the labour of THESE PEOPLE that managed to raise the funds to build the machines that then replace them
[29.11.2010 19:24:02] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: and you think it's fair to then just dump them?
[29.11.2010 19:24:38] IsNoGod: its the minds that desinged them i would not trade 1 nicola tesla for 100 000 dumb people
[29.11.2010 19:24:43] IsNoGod: or even a million
[29.11.2010 19:25:01] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: minds may have designed them, but minds without funds are nothing but silly ideas without implementation
[29.11.2010 19:25:13] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: in order to raise the funds you need to produce value
[29.11.2010 19:25:25] IsNoGod: well im saying keep enough dumb people around to do the dirty work
[29.11.2010 19:25:27] IsNoGod: by all means
[29.11.2010 19:25:32] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: value is produced by using labour force until you have enough funds to put your mind's idea into works
[29.11.2010 19:25:44] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: KEEP them?
[29.11.2010 19:25:47] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: like CATTLE?
[29.11.2010 19:25:48] IsNoGod: yep
[29.11.2010 19:25:53] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: are you sure you are even human?
[29.11.2010 19:25:55] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: jeez
[29.11.2010 19:26:06] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: I'm going to stop talking to you now, because you piss me off
[29.11.2010 19:26:20] IsNoGod: well its a logical aroach im a chess player its something im very good at cause im logical i slate emmotion form the possition
[29.11.2010 19:26:26] IsNoGod: and deal in logic
[29.11.2010 19:26:45] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Well fuck that... I value logic as well, but I also value other things
[29.11.2010 19:26:52] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: things you completely seem to lack
[29.11.2010 19:26:54] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: like empathy
[29.11.2010 19:26:56] IsNoGod: its inhuman and horri
[29.11.2010 19:27:01] IsNoGod: ble but its logical
[29.11.2010 19:27:10] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: fuck logic in this case
[29.11.2010 19:27:17] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: you may as well move to vulcan
[29.11.2010 19:27:24] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: you act inhumane
[29.11.2010 19:27:30] IsNoGod: why do u think im alone?
[29.11.2010 19:27:38] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: yep, and I see why
[29.11.2010 19:28:17] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: empathy is what makes us human... if you are so worried about the survival of the human race, why rationalize away the one trait that makes us what we are?
[29.11.2010 19:28:22] IsNoGod: see.... no one is perfect id trade it all everything all the wonderful logical insights that allow me to glimps things most others cant to be an idiot and be happy
[29.11.2010 19:28:25] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: may as well eradicate humanity right away
[29.11.2010 19:28:31] IsNoGod: but i cant trade it
[29.11.2010 19:28:32] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: because for all your plans, there will be none left
[29.11.2010 19:29:12] IsNoGod: thats the only flaw in my arguement in achieving such a vission humanity would be drasticly ultered
[29.11.2010 19:29:18] IsNoGod: but it would exist
[29.11.2010 19:29:38] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: humanity would not exist... it would be a species of something horrible, but not humanity as such anymore
[29.11.2010 19:29:59] IsNoGod: evolution for the better
[29.11.2010 19:30:12] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: better for what you value perhaps, but not for me
[29.11.2010 19:30:14] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: I call it worse
[29.11.2010 19:30:16] IsNoGod: quality of life would be higher people would be smarted
[29.11.2010 19:30:37] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: quality of life would be higher if you are told who you can breed with and who you can't?
[29.11.2010 19:30:42] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: I don't think so
[29.11.2010 19:31:00] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: your idea of quality of life is quite irrational to be honest
[29.11.2010 19:31:08] IsNoGod: im sure a child starving in the third world would disagree
[29.11.2010 19:31:13] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: do you actually think people in china have a higher quality of life than we do?
[29.11.2010 19:31:21] IsNoGod: no
[29.11.2010 19:31:22] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: they DO rationalize people away there, you know
[29.11.2010 19:31:29] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: they DO play your eugenics game
[29.11.2010 19:31:37] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: I don't think they have happier people
[29.11.2010 19:31:54] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Do you think people under Hitler were happy?
[29.11.2010 19:32:05] IsNoGod: dont get so angry its not that i endorse any of this its just a logical assesment of the situation
[29.11.2010 19:32:14] IsNoGod: its what i do
[29.11.2010 19:33:07] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Here is what genuinely makes a person happy: being free to think what they want to, being free to love whom they want to, being free to be who they are, with all their talents and oddities... doing a job they enjoy doing, not one that's assigned to them because they fit in it best....
[29.11.2010 19:33:30] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: and again, your logic is flawed, because you assume happiness would be present in your logical experiment
[29.11.2010 19:33:32] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: and it would not be
[29.11.2010 19:33:47] IsNoGod: and there is no reason that people would not be mated to jobs that fit them in this idiology
[29.11.2010 19:34:01] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: humanity would have food, housing, bodily needs, but no happiness
[29.11.2010 19:34:34] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: what about being mated to a partner?
[29.11.2010 19:34:48] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Again, you can do this with machines, but not with humans
[29.11.2010 19:34:52] IsNoGod: they would be starving and yes people will never be happy we always want more no matter what its the human condition and its a good one at least in my idiology there would be no starvation and less suffering
[29.11.2010 19:34:56] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: because you completely disregard EMOTIONS
[29.11.2010 19:35:12] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Did you know there is also an EQ test?
[29.11.2010 19:35:16] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Emotional intelligence
[29.11.2010 19:35:26] IsNoGod: where can i do such a test
[29.11.2010 19:35:28] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: which has been proven to be much more valuable than IQ in leadership positions
[29.11.2010 19:35:31] IsNoGod: id love to see how i score
[29.11.2010 19:35:38] IsNoGod: and ill share the score with u
[29.11.2010 19:35:42] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: companies perform these nowadays before hiring
[29.11.2010 19:35:49] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: I'd have to look it up
[29.11.2010 19:35:57] IsNoGod: would you?
[29.11.2010 19:36:33] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: here's one of the links
[29.11.2010 19:36:37] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: simply google for EQ
[29.11.2010 19:38:34] IsNoGod: kk ill let u know what i score
[29.11.2010 19:49:43] IsNoGod: ok on that test i scored 60%
[29.11.2010 19:50:33] IsNoGod: whats the point of that test it shows nothing
[29.11.2010 19:51:41] IsNoGod: that test reviels nothing and again abosulty nothing i have sevral issue with EQ tests if this is how they are constructed which i shall go over if you want.
[29.11.2010 19:53:56] IsNoGod: just out of interest what did you score on it?
[29.11.2010 19:54:31 | Bearbeitet 19:54:35] Chatter2: IQ abd EQ tests should overall be taken with a sceptic eye
[29.11.2010 19:54:58] IsNoGod: i have never tried an iq test or an iq test
[29.11.2010 19:55:22] IsNoGod: but im pretty unhappy with this eq test that i just took on felidas advice
[29.11.2010 19:55:31] Chatter2: IQ test results differ depending on how you take them, what tests there are your mood the enviorment you do them in how tired you are etc
[29.11.2010 19:55:33] Chatter2: Ah i see
[29.11.2010 19:55:35] IsNoGod: it really does seem to be a load of bullshit
[29.11.2010 19:58:16] IsNoGod: if you look at the EQ test it says you scored 60% correct its an absolute fase for one main reason.......shows you how stupid people really are
[29.11.2010 20:01:32] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: I never said this particular one was a good one, it was the first I found on google
[29.11.2010 20:01:45] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: you google for EQ some more yourself and find proper ones
[29.11.2010 20:02:02] IsNoGod: they will all be more or less the same the format fails
[29.11.2010 20:02:08] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: the point is: an IQ is no absolute for your capability of dealing with things and other people
[29.11.2010 20:02:19] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: then by all means, the IQ test is also a fail
[29.11.2010 20:02:21] Chatter2: Are you not sceptical of such test both IQ and EQ but especualy those on the internet
[29.11.2010 20:02:30] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: exactly, Chatter2
[29.11.2010 20:02:48] IsNoGod: maybe its not than we need another wayy about about examing neurological activity
[29.11.2010 20:02:52] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: go see a psychologist, they can do both tests with you more reliably than any online site
[29.11.2010 20:03:04] Chatter2: And there is so many damn factors that effect such result
[29.11.2010 20:03:05] IsNoGod: one way or the other its best 4 society to weed the slow witted out
[29.11.2010 20:03:14] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: IsNo, it's a FACT that employers nowadays care more about EQ in leadership positions than IQ
[29.11.2010 20:03:23] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: so stop the talk about slow witted
[29.11.2010 20:03:35] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: your elitist arrogance annoys the fuck out of me
[29.11.2010 20:03:42] IsNoGod: shows u how stupid people r if they value a silly little eq test
[29.11.2010 20:03:45] Chatter2: All from moods, enviroment, what type of tests and etc effect results
[29.11.2010 20:04:12] *** FelidaTheGeek هيلتون hat IsNoGod aus diesem Chat entfernt. ***

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