Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some people obsess too much...

As you may be able to tell, I have by now decided to mostly ignore the continuous abuse from members of the AoD and dedicated most of my time to more valuable issues. I do however find it rather creepy that despite everything that's going on in the world, such as

The continuing search for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan,

Ongoing fights in Lybia with Gaddafi's troops gaining on the rebels again,

Planned Parenthood needing support to continue receiving government funds,

and many more issues, they focus on featuring videos about me on their channelpage. Videos that are made by accounts that miraculously sound a lot like the name of one of their users, videos filled with complete and utter bullshit.

Apparently they took the time to do some doc hunting to find anything available about me on the internet, whether it's about my hobbies, my career, my political activities or my personal relationships with other people, screenshotting what they think may be "exposing" me. Funnily enough none of this information is linked to my YouTube account by myself. How pitiful is it, when you have to look up a person on Facebook, Xing and god knows where else, just to gather information on them? Am I that important to them? Why would they care so much about me?

I also find it rather funny that they are now doing the very thing they have accused me of "intending" to do, by publishing rather personal information about me everywhere, and I am not just referring to my full name. It is rather odd that the very same people who insisted that I have some kind of personal details on them and therefor am so much of a danger that they have to close their accounts are now dead set on making all that personal information about me public via links to dubious blog entries, comments referring to my job and health situation and by now over 40 videos.

I am still waiting for any evidence in regards to me "threatening" to make any personal information about their private life public, the very thing they accused me of in order to get people riled up against me, yet they take the liberty to do just that with my private life.

It's a rather unhealthy obsession, if you ask me. And quite a waste of valuable time. But hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess. If you wish to know more about my private life, kinky details about my past, you can get the spiced up version from AoD (guaranteed with special effects and some fabricated claims to sound more interesting), or you can simply ask me. It's not like I ever made a big secret out of anything.

Just one more thing: Repeating false accusations over and over again doesn't make them any more true, guys, and using your own comments as evidence is not really helping either. Just sayin'.


  1. It should be AoPP, Alliance of Paranoid Projection. No evidence, just random, smug 'there, you see what Felida did/will do' type claims. They're jumping to conclusions which don't actually follow any logical paths. I'm still waiting for their 3 hours of evidence, but I won't hold my breath. Something tells me that it will not be happening any time soon.

    It sucks that so many people just went with what was currently popular, as well as many who have/had friendships they didn't want to disturb - I held back a bit for that reason. Almost no one was requesting that the AoD back up all their dramatic fears with some evidence.

    You, on the other hand have consistently presented a ton of evidence that made sense, and it actually proved the points you were making, unlike their videos about you.

  2. And I'm taking them to court on the 4th of March. You know about that evidence you been demanding so much for. Felida I'd almost have some sympathy for you if you weren't as bad as the mob.

    The problem with you is you react too much rather than let them make a rope for themselves. What you think I've been sitting on my ass hiding from this? XXXild talks too much, and she get's over confident. Her downfall. The difference between you and me is I know what buttons to press and when to press them. You just react.