Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh noes, all the ebegging!

Funny, how some people insist that I'm paying for the Liverpool trip via e-begging to my paypal account, asking me how else I could possibly afford such a trip. Seems these people don't know about things like Lohnfortzahlung and Krankengeld. However, they keep insisting that I somehow prove that I am not funding anything via e-begged trips, and while I don't owe them any explanation at all, I am quite amused by their repeated attempts to make me look like the shocking notorious e-begger.

So here's the harsh truth, folks! FelidaTheGeek's e-begging income over the past year! Brace yourself for the ungodly amounts I received:

Shall I go into detail about the transactions? Oh, and click on the pic to enlarge for details.

  1. April 24th: Donating 5$ towards the sex change operation for a transgendered friend.
  2. April 12th: PayPal refunds withdrawn funds for confirmation of credit card.
  3. April 12th: I buy a replacement screen for my netbook.
  4. April 12th: My boyfriend sends me money for the screen (yes, I haz boyfriend!)
  5. March 22nd: I pay for an ebay purchase (birthday present for my daughter)
  6. August 29th: I donate to devchelle's HIV/AIDS charity.

Yes, these sure are the steps of a notorious e-begger. As you can see, all the funds to pay for Liverpool must have definitely come from here! ;-)

Have a nice day!

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