Sunday, May 15, 2011

Science and Education FTWTF?

Let me get this straight, I have not always disliked Thunderf00t. Actually, Thunderf00t was one of the first atheist channels I subscribed to when I realized there are other atheists on YouTube. I sat through the time when he received false DMCAs, I mirrored his videos (tiny as my channel was at the time), I began making videos because I wanted to show support. As a matter of fact, that was the reason I even began making videos, to help other people fight against false DMCAs and flags, because free speech is one of the things I value most.

But what has changed since then? Well, first of all, Thunderf00t seems to have turned from what I perceived as a reasonable and logically thinking person into someone who will not listen to reason and logical arguments anymore. It may very well be that my original perception of Thunderf00t was already warped though, who knows.

What I do know is that the more I saw of people voicing valid criticism, the more I saw Thunderf00t dismiss them and instead respond to either trolls or easy targets with no valid arguments, presenting them to his audience as the voices of his detractors. When people I considered friends made video responses with valid criticism, they went completely ignored until the moment we finally resignated and jokingly made a video blowing raspberries. And of all the videos he could have responded to, he decided to pick that particular one, and as if that wasn't enough, he didn't even give me the credit I felt was due, but presented Coughlan666 (now known as Coughlan616) as the organizer of this video. Granted, he was my inspiration, after seeing him blow the original raspberry during the London YouTube gathering, but the idea to get many people on cam to blow raspberries at Thunderf00t was mine, damn it! Credit where credit is due, even if it is for a childish thing!

Back onto the issue though, in his response then, he diagnosed Coughlan with some mental disorder he found on wikipedia... oh wait, that the troll amet found on wikipedia and Thunderf00t just copied, in order to dismiss any of the very valid points Coughlan had raised. When he realized that people did not appreciate this below the belt attack and the voices of criticism grew even louder, he finally agreed to have a discussion with DLandonCole, which went on for quite some time, but ended up with no proper outcome and a lot of drunk people and plenty of drawn bell curves instead.

Thunderf00t then proceeded to actually ask his audience what they would prefer to see on his channel, and the overwhelming majority requested that he goes back to making science videos as he used to. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to happen though, as he felt the urge to continue attacking especially Coughlan with his more than flawed arguments. This however is not my main issue. In his attempt to "pwn" Coughlan, he is going to new heights (or should I say lows?) of unfair attacking. Not only does he quotemine, but he willingly destroys the reputation of an innocent and uninvolved person now in order to make Coughlan look bad. I don't care much about the bickering between Coughlan and Thunderf00t, I am sure Coughlan can hold his own just fine there, as he has proven repeatedly, but what I DO mind is if someone I consider a friend, who has not participated in ANY of this, gets dragged in by Thunderf00t quotemining from a joke made on blogTV and presents it as hard facts, not caring at all if the person who got dragged in has to suffer from it.

So aside from the very good video Peach made on the issue already, my last words addressing the eternal drama whore Thunderf00t will be: Fuck you, Thunderf00t for not even bothering to clarify that LatumWay was in no way connected to all of this. You knowingly threw him to your dogs just to get to Coughlan. How low is that?


  1. Wow, so you are whining about the fact that a video that was meant to get a rise out of someone through immaturity and trolling got a rise out of them? What the hell is wrong with you? You complain that he didn't respond to previous criticisms on the one hand and then when he responds to a video designed to make fun of him to get a response, you cry victim.

    I'm not a big fan of thunderf00t but no matter how immature you may think he is, the video you posted makes it evident that you and your cadre of friends are a thousand times more so.

    1. Also, remember the golden rule of the internet: if you post something in a public forum such as this, be prepared to face any and all criticism thrown your way. That goes for any friend you may have as well.

      And also, Coughlan is about as mature as a four year old with his approach to 'criticising' thunderf00t. He has to rely on ad hominem attacks, far worse quote mining than thuderf00t himself does, completely making up quotes and using them as evidence and, most pathetically of all, photoshopping images to make thunderf00t look like he is a terrorist or a porn star. If you're going to attack thunderf00t yourself, I would highly recommend not citing coughlan as an ally as he completely undermines both his own and any one else's argument