Thursday, June 9, 2011

Recap of the Liverpool YouTube Meetup

Hello YouTubers and other readers,

I am finally taking the time to write about the Liverpool meetup, which was a weekend of great fun with awesome people. So here is my little diary of the weekend:

Friday, 27th of May 2011
Flying out from Frankfurt Airport, I first headed to Amsterdam, as there are no direct flights to Liverpool. Let me tell you that Schiphol is quite a large airport, and despite a layover of almost an hour, I had no time to relax at all. Arriving at the airport in Liverpool at around 9:30PM I waited for the arrival of my ex-boyfriend Gerard, who also flew in from Amsterdam, but with a different airline. Seems Easyjet knows some kind of shortcut, since his plane arrived 20 minutes before schedule, which was a good thing, as it meant 20 minutes less waiting time for me.

Gerard and I took the bus to Lime Street Station and with the help of a map of Liverpool that we grabbed at the airport we actually found our way to the Travelodge without having to resort to any kind of GPS. Amazing achievement for two geeks! After checking into our hotel room and a quick freshening up, we headed to the Ship&Mitre to meet up with the others fairly late. I can only recommend this place for anyone travelling to Liverpool. For the first time ever I was actually able to drink a proper beer in England!

After a fun time at the pub we headed back to the hotel, while Shredder and a few others went to fetch pizza for all of us, which we ate in the hotel lobby. The fact that our hotel lacked a hotel bar was the only downside to this gathering, but we coped and spent the rest of the evening in Shredder's hotel room, doing a blogTV show.

Saturday, 28th of May 2011

Considering Gerard and I both had a rather exhausting Friday, we opted out of joining the others for the visit of the Metropolitan Cathedral, but met up with them for lunch at The Pump House . Afterwards people opted to see a variety of museums or just hang out. Since coffee at the hotel was horrible, Gerard and I joined Landon and had some coffee while waiting for our turn on The Yellow Duckmarine. We didn't quite know what to expect and originally thought it was going to be a simple sightseeing tour on land and water, but it turned out to be a fun mix of sightseeing and genuine entertainment. Our tour guide was quite a comedian, and I can only recommend you try this out yourself, should you ever stay in Liverpool.

Gerard and I met up with my friend Gareth in the late afternoon, picking him up from Lime Street Station, then we re-joined the others for the rest of the day. Our pub for the evening was The Baltic Fleet, which wasn't too bad, but could not quite compare to the Ship&Mitre. We were however able to take this wonderful picture here:

While at the Baltic Fleet we were also able to finally perform the collaring ceremony of Shredder, something we had been wanting to do in London already. Shredder, being my "blogTV bitch" (ever since I realized that having him co-host gives me more viewers) jokingly agreed to wear a collar and leash, which we put on him that night.

Dinner for that night was consumed at Pizza Hut, and I think I discovered Liverpool's filthiest bathroom there. Having entered said bathroom before dinner, I noticed a lack of usable toilet paper in most of the stalls, since someone with a warped sense of humour had decided to unroll it all onto the floor. Having informed the staff about the situation, I was promised it would be handled, but when I went again after dinner, nothing had been done at all. I hope their kitchen is in better shape than their bathroom.

While some of us (mainly Abby and GingerGreek) went out clubbing later that night, I was still fairly worn out from the day before and had an early night, hugging my pillow instead.

Sunday, 29th of May 2011

We once again skipped out of morning fun with the others, missing the Ferry 'cross the Mersey tour, but joined them for lunch, which we planned to have somewhere in Chinatown. It took us a while to find a restaurant that was able to accomodate all of us, and the food could have been better, but the service was friendly enough.

Afterwards we again split up into little groups, having time for museum visits, shopping tours, etc. Being worn out from walking around (damn you, arthritis!), Gerard, Gareth and I joined Landon in sitting at the café inside the Walker Art Gallery, because what could possibly be more relaxing than having a cup of Latte Macchiato while surrounded by art?

Our pub for Sunday evening was Rigby's, where I devoured Shredder's nachos while he was busy snogging various people (see video). While the food and beer could have been better, the location itself was very nice, with a large outside area in the back. Finally a place where I was able to drink my beer and smoke at the same time.

We ended the evening with yet another blogTV show in Shredder's room, beer courtesy of Rhysz. Having to get up at 6AM the next morning to catch my flight back home, I didn't stick around too long, but still had fun.

Monday, 30th of May 2011

Getting up early sucks. Oh, and did I mention yet that the "business breakfast package" served by the Travelodge is a joke? You get a muffin, a crossaint, cornflakes and orange juice and pay over 4 quid for that. Really not worth it at all.

Anyhow, having to catch my flight, I took a taxi back to the airport. Taxi driver was quite chatty with a typical scouser accent. Hard to understand, but nice fellow. I even had time for some real coffee at the airport before boarding the plane that would take me back to Germany. My layover in Amsterdam was a bit longer this time, so I actually had time to sit around and begin editing my footage. The final result can be seen here:

All in all, this gathering was epic. The people were great, and we had loads of fun.

Just because I know you are curious, here is a list of those who attended: (who can sing like an angel despite a horrible cold) (who is really silent in real life) (who always smiles) (who has a cute grin) (who got screwed over in Bulgaria) (who arranged this entire thing! THANKS!) (who is still the most cuddly man of the bunch) (who got his first kiss...from Shredder!) (who looks like FakeSagan) (who is the brother of fakefakesagan) (who does the most heartmelting lipsynching) (who wasn't around enough) (who needs to start making videos) (who is ticklish) (who was only there the first day) (who had to leave way too early) (who got beaten up by girls) (who looks good on a leash) (who found his feminine side) (who can think fourdimensional) (who eats pizza like a real Jersey girl) (who made us all feel like midgets) (who can give epic massages)

Without channel:
Katie (who is a total sweetheart and StanMarsh1's girlfriend)
Gerard (whose hair fascinated Katie)
PaulCHartley's wife (whose name I didn't catch, shame on me!)

See you at the next gathering,

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