Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My June Girl (and Boy) - tribute to Alliance of Demons

Isn't it adorable how those who consider themselves freethinkers and skeptics are often those who don't think or question anything at all, and instead swallow everything they are told because they are in one way or another attracted to the person feeding them bullshit? One could say these people are into verbal scat.

Since my beloved stalkers, the AllianceOfDemons, have created the wonderful idea of me announcing a "Girl of the Month", someone new I have "issues" with each month, I decided to pick up on this great idea and nominate them myself to save the trolls the trouble.

So without further ado, here is my nominee for the month of June:


You may ask why. Isn't xxxild a respected member of the pro-sex feminist community on YouTube? Perhaps so, but the question should be whether she deserves the respect she is receiving. Other than regurgitating statements made by other feminists over and over again, I have yet to see her contribute anything original. But that is not my reason to have "issues" with her.

Let me elaborate on the actual problem:

Most of you by now know about the problems I had with the AoD after I left them, ranging from online stalking to calls to my house, including death threats to my children, most of which I have posted proof for on this very blog. For those of you who don't know yet, here are a few links:

Why did I leave the AoD?
Some more harassment?
Some people obsess too much...
Oh noes, all the ebegging

Anyway, you get the gist. They enjoy making accusations of all sorts without any proof whatsoever. So why my "issues" with xxxild? Because she actually sides with these trolls. While doing so, she refuses to provide any proof to their claims (as do they), while simultaneously refusing to acknowledge any evidence I provide her with. One can easily compare this to a child sticking her fingers into her ears whilst loudly screaming "LALALALA". She knows fully well if she were to examine the actual evidence, she would not be able to further support her troll friends without being completely dishonest.

How did xxxild come to be on their side to begin with? Because she is friends with their unofficial ringleader. While Zierota (also known as DunZero, some of you may remember) is the official head figure behind the AllianceOfDemons, the actual person pulling the strings is someone people may remember under the name TemoinsGirl. TemoinsGirl is the pitiful human waste that made a laughing stock of herself when threatening people that they are "on her radar"and telling them to "own their shit" while having an intro that suggested that she is either asthmatic or related to DarthVader.

Apparently attracted to the heavy breathing (or the fact that TemoinsGirl enjoys flaunting her bared arse on skype cam to anyone willing to suck up to her in exchange), xxxild was already connected to TemoinsGirl before my trouble with AoD began. While giving me minor shit in comments originally, I still tried to be patient and had quite a few talks with her in the hopes that there is some brain underneath that pretty hair (by the way, is that a bleach job gone wrong, or did you prematurely turn white? Just curious). Patience, so I found out later, that I could have applied to much more useful things such as watching paint dry.

Shit hit the fan with our colourless lady, when I took an issue with another one of her friends, MsBloodWolf, also known as FateWolf, over a video in which she not only made a lot of unfounded accusations claiming to "know shit", but also flat out told a person to kill herself, emphasizing on the fact that she never, not even in jest, told anyone to kill themselves before, but really meant it in this case. While I personally may have had issues with the person in question in the past, I have found her to be someone that is willing to listen and discuss things, and I have major issues with people who, for whatever reason, wish death on other people. xxxild apparently disagrees and thinks it is a perfectly fine thing to do, because after I spoke out against that video she went fully hostile, ending up in a comment exchange in which her only argument was parroting the accusations of the AoD trolls, failing to provide any evidence for these accusations, refusing to look at evidence provided to her and last but not least repeatedly telling me to fuck off. This complete failure of applying unbiased judgement and skepticism has earned her the honorary position of being my June Girl 2011. Congratulations, xxxild!

Inspired by the Girl of the Month idea, and not wanting to appear sexist, I have decided to also nominate a Boy of the Month. June's Boy of the Month award goes to:


The humour can already be found in his choice of name, since SmilingSkeptic barely ever smiles, nor is he very skeptical. As xxxild, SmilingSkeptic ended up on "my radar" (yes, I went there!), when he left some rather interesting comments on my original video in which I explained why I had left the AoD. In that video I mockingly ate some pastry and in the description linked to my blog post Why did I leave the AoD?. Without ever reading this post, he immediately accused me of trying to cause trouble, which I found a bit strange, seeing how my blog post contained evidence that I had been harassed by AoD long before I made the blog entry and video. While SmilingSkeptic left these pretty nasty comments, I was in a Skype call with DeathOfSpeech and SoretaYuki, both of whom insisted that a chat with SmilingSkeptic would get him to see reason and stop attacking me, so I agreed to have him join the call, although I already greatly mistrusted him. I found out later that until he joined us in our call, he had been in a call with none other than the very AoD trolls that had been harassing me, getting his queue from them.

In our call I heard for the first time that TemoinsGirl accused me of having threatened to make it public that she had gotten raped. An accusation that I found rather odd, as I did not even know that she was a rape victim. Funny that the very person accusing me of threatening to make it public was the one telling me about it, eh? SmilingSkeptic kept insisting that I had made such a threat, yet failed to provide me with any evidence supporting that claim, despite my repeated inquiry. Instead he accused me of having faked my evidence, which is why I offered him access to my Skype account, so he could look at unaltered logs, an offer he turned down with the words "That won't be neccessary." Well no, SmilingSkeptic, of course not, because then you would have no leg to stand on with your continued claims that I altered screenshots, which you damn well know, don't you, you dishonest prat?

Needless to say, SmilingSkeptic joined the AoD team for whatever reason (although my guess is that he, as xxxild, is attracted to RadarGirl) and continued to throw around unfounded accusations while rejecting proper evidence. The continued accusation of rape shaming, something repeated by both xxxild and SmilingSkeptic resurfaced, when I had a discussion with TheAmazingAtheist about "accountability" of the victim, which is nothing other than "rape shaming light", and clearly took a stance against the claim that rape victims should ask themselves whether they shouldn't be partially accountable for the crime committed against them due to their behaviour leading up to the crime itself. DeathOfSpeech made a very good video as a response to mine, and SmilingSkeptic, in his continued vendetta, attacked DoS while yet again referring to me as a rape shamer, as he did in our first talk ever, while defending TJ, the very person who claimed rape victims should accept accountability! He calls me a rape shamer when I did nothing at all, while he actually defends a lighter version of rape shaming? Seriously? So to SmilingSkeptic, the boy who never smiles and lacks skepticism, congratulations for being my Boy of the Month June 2011!

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