Monday, May 27, 2013

Today I will be a petty cunt!

Petty, you say? Damn straight. Screw acting morally correct today, because what I post here, won't have any effect on either of the folks I am talking about anyway, so I may as well let out how I really feel, and there is a fat chance that neither of them will ever even read this blog. And if they do, well, at least I was completely honest with both of them.

Who are we talking about? And why are we talking about them?

Thunderf00t and coughlan616, boys and girls. And we are talking about them, because we still have a bone to pick. It's a petty bone, but it's still waiting for a picking, and here's the chance to do just that, so why the fuck not?

So here's what's going on: For what feels like ages now, Thunderf00t and coughlan616 haven't been able to see eye to eye. Well no, that's too mildly worded. They piss on each other's legs. The question is, where do I stand in all this, and why do I care?

To be fair, the majority of the points coughlan616 makes about Thunderf00t are pretty damn straight on. Not really anything I can argue with. Thunderf00t has a history of throwing all muslims into the same pot, claiming they all support terrorism, even if they aren't terrorists themselves, and rather than simply supporting a secular society, he would love to forcefully eradicate religion as a whole. He picks his fights unfairly by going after weak targets, while ignoring valid criticism from more intelligent folks, often gets things wrong, but refuses to accept correction, and worst of all, loves to claim that any criticism, mocking, parody and impersonation aimed at him is either performed or directed by coughlan616, which demonstrably isn't so. Rather than refuting arguments, Thunderf00t resorted to giving coughlan an armchair diagnosis he plagiarized from a known YouTube troll who also had beef with coughlan616, and he isn't above accepting support from white supremacists in his crusade against coughlan or any other enemies, especially those of brownish skin.

As you can tell, I'm very much inclined to support coughlan's arguments. So why then is it, that I won't support the person?

And that's where the word petty comes in. Call it revenge (although I am not actively getting any) or just a sick sense of satisfaction that I can finally throw his own words back at him.

You see, quite some time back there was some drama. Well no, there still is some drama. Perpetuated by a group of failtrolls, that continue making videos about me. These folks actively approach anyone who feels I caused them some form of butthurt, give them a victim stamp and then unite in chanting about how evil I am. False accusations were made, my channel was flagged into oblivion, I was severely harrassed by these folks. They still try even now. However, after initially responding to the accusations, defending myself and informing folks whenever I was flagged, I simply stopped responding to them. Yet they continued making videos, and some of them for some reason seemed to be quite popular with coughlan at the time.

More than three months after I had stopped responding, coughlan suddenly made a video, which he also tweeted out, telling not only these trolls, but also me to shut up, and that nobody was interested in our drama. He continued by informing everyone that he liked that one troll, so he wouldn't block him, but would block everyone else involved, and I suddenly found myself on his blocked list. Trying to inform him that I hadn't even participated for over three months only resulted in insults from him and a bunch of his fans, so I figured, fuck it, he won't miss me, I won't miss him.

Now I do know that Thunderf00t has made 4 or more videos about coughlan by now. And I do know that for quite some time coughlan was not even bothering to respond. He slipped a bit today, when he addressed some of the ridiculous accusations Thunderf00t made against him, and to be honest, I can't blame him. When a large channel accuses you of some wrong doings, what you do want to do is defend yourself, don't you? Well, that is how I felt back then as well. But ended up not bothering anymore. Just to be told that nobody is interested in my drama and to shut the fuck up, when I hadn't said a peep about it for three months. So I just wanted to relish this moment, where I could say the following sentence:

@coughlan616 @Thunderf00t STFU, nobody is interested in your fucking drama.

There, I'm all done. Justice is served. ;-)

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