Sunday, February 20, 2011

Poor Vogter getting doc dropped on his channel comments, SoretaYuki on Twitter, SmilingSkeptic and TemoinsGirl in the skype directory!

Oh noes, not only did the evil FelidaTheGeek link to a document where Vogter's first name was misspelled, it seems other friends of his also decided to drop his docs all over his new channel's comment page:

And poor SoretaYuki doc drops himself on Twitter:

SmilingSkeptic is in no way shy about his docs when it comes to allowing the Skype directory to display some things about him.

TemoinsGirl has almost the same problems:

Stop the evil doc dropping, I say!

Oh wait...

[NOTE: I replaced the handle she used, which was her first name initial and her last name, with TemoinsGirl so she wouldn't cry out that she's doc dropped again]

TemoinsGirl on whether Zierota doc dropped ShockOfGod:
[1/21/2011 14:03:54] TemoinsGirl: In case it matters in this discussion, that name is one he used hmself and has been referred to in numourous videos and no one's ever complained, including him. [Zierota - name edited to protect his privacy, since I am sure the first letter of his name is a unique identifier] said he' d be happy to cover this when he's not at work and is making a folow up video. He insists he did not drop doc (he knows how I feel abo tthis I would be horrified) and I believe him.
[1/21/2011 14:05:31] TemoinsGirl: He outed the name, if it's a real one, he dropped himself.

TemoinsGirl on whether it would be easy to find her if anyone knew her real name:
[25.12.2010 23:07:10] TemoinsGirl: Thank GAwd I have such a m=commonname lol Like looking for a Chin in a Chinese phone book ;)
[25.12.2010 23:09:51] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: hehe
[25.12.2010 23:09:56] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: my name is rather unusual here
[25.12.2010 23:09:59] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: so I'm easy to find
[25.12.2010 23:10:05] TemoinsGirl: You're screwed lol
[25.12.2010 23:10:15] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Well, I'm still not worried :P
[25.12.2010 23:10:22] TemoinsGirl: There areover 300 ppl with my name here and more if you use initials lol
[25.12.2010 23:10:36] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: Let me check the german phone directory for my last name, sec
[25.12.2010 23:11:45] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: 11 entries in all of Germany that share my last name
[25.12.2010 23:12:08] FelidaTheGeek هيلتون: the rest are commercial entries (mainly hotels :P)
[25.12.2010 23:12:25] TemoinsGirl: I didn't even check to see businesses, prolly more lol god idea

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