Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why did I leave the AoD?

I received the following messages:

I made the mistake of questioning these statements and actually talking to Pooka to find out both sides of the story, since I was sure it was a misunderstanding, Something I informed Eli of:

In a chat between me, TemoinsGirl, MsPurefiction and WilliamCardno I was accused of blabbing AoD info to Pooka. See the screenshots to see that this was not the case. I was not informed of any details previous to the talk, nor was I told it was AoD business until after I had already spoken to Pooka, something TemoinsGirl was fully aware of.

Even if it had been though, the order to not discuss any of this with Pooka in a very authoritative way given by TemoinsGirl was enough for me to leave the Alliance of Demons, since I refuse to accept statements without proof and was denied permission to gather proof myself. My hanging up on the call was met with PMs from both TemoinsGirl and WilliamCardno, both of whom got eventually blocked.

I also received a few "responses" to comments I made on other people's videos, all done by MsPureFiction, all done within a single hour, all on different videos, all equivocal:

@FelidaTheGeek Yeah doesn't it suck when people don't actually LISTEN to the words you say? Some people are just so set on the mind that they are right and you are wrong that they completely lose the ability to respond to what your are actually saying and respond to what they WANT you to be saying instead... totally ridiculous! agreed!

This was in reference to me not accepting that they were forbidding me to discuss anything with Pooka. She tried to paint it as a confidentiality issue and in the talk actually accused me of breaking confidentiality. See screenshots above again to know I never did. It was posted on a video that clarified a previous topic because the audience would keep moving goalpoasts.

@FelidaTheGeek Yeah don't hypocrites just make the most untrustworthy people?? I cant believe her nerve!

A stab at my "untrustworthiness", because I decided to get Pooka's side of the story. Posted on a video that talked about feminists.

@FelidaTheGeek It really sucks when people display such horrific behavior as online stalking but sometimes one is fortunate enough to have good friends to help out in such situations. I have done exactly that for many people!

A little hint that she "helped" me during a time when I was attacked by trolls. Her help consisted of thumbing up videos of mine that were thumbed down by the trolls - with all her sock accounts, which are also used to thumb down videos she doesn't like, and which are also used to hit the spam flag on channel comments of her targets. I forgot which video that was on.

@FelidaTheGeek It would be sooo nice if every one could just quit their jobs when said job becomes burdensome and just stay home and relax until they felt like working again. That would be a perfect world huh?

A little stab at me recently quitting my job for health reasons. Posted on a video that talked about being busy with work and hence not having much time for youtube.

@FelidaTheGeek Some of those right-wing fucktards seem to think that every one who utilizes public assistance is just some lazy slob who just doesn't want to work! I don't understand why they cant just understand that some people need public services to SURVIVE, not just because they don't fell like workin'

Again, a stab at me quitting my job. Forgot which video this was on.

@FelidaTheGeek So lucky for us that you have more time to do these things :D

And the last stab at me quitting my job. Again, not sure what video this was on.

After a quick talk with her, she also got blocked on Skype.

Funnily enough though, I received the following log a few days after I left the AoD under above mentioned circumstances:

[5:02:44] Eli: Tanja blocked me
[5:03:07] Eli: Never did a thing against her, enevr said a word about her.
[5:03:12] neonscale: lol - took her long enough to do that.
[5:03:34] neonscale: was she sitting on that for 4 days wondering? :P
[5:03:44] Eli: I have no idea.
[5:04:10 | Removed by Eli, 8:45:30] neonscale: This message has been removed.
[5:04:19] Eli: shakes her head
[5:04:37 | Edited 5:04:47] devchelle1: can someone please shake my head
[5:04:39] devchelle1: please
[5:05:14] Eli: Do you knwo why Tanja blocked me?
[5:05:20] devchelle1: nope
[5:05:32] Eli: That's interesting.
[5:05:45] devchelle1: whats interesting?
[5:06:19] Eli: "Hi, Eli, let me ragequit in front of others, put you in a horrible position, give you shit about it for two hours, fuck you over for days and now I'll block you." Well, that sucks, doesn't it?
[5:06:47] Eli: Wow, that's the first comment I've made about this whole experience.
[5:06:59] devchelle1: i dont know shit about any of it
[5:07:01] devchelle1: soo....
[5:07:12] devchelle1: Hi *cute smile*
[5:07:31] Eli: Oh cmon Rob I knwo she talks to you. It's no big deal.
[5:07:48] devchelle1: nope
[5:07:51] neonscale: Shit, Feebs' channel just went dark!
[5:08:02] devchelle1: all she said was you guys had a fight
[5:08:13] Eli: No, William was there, SHE had a fight. All by herself
[5:08:20] devchelle1: i dunno why and she never told me
[5:08:28] devchelle1: see
[5:08:30] devchelle1: i dunno
[5:08:56] Eli: Peopel don't like being held accountable. That's fine.
[5:09:03] devchelle1: ?
[5:09:08] devchelle1: ok....?
[5:09:11] neonscale: she did. and then she had a fight with me when I asked her to stop talking shit about Eli to me.
[5:09:32] Eli: So um yeah. No worries.
[5:09:47] Eli: I know, F put the lights out eralier today
[5:09:53] devchelle1: she did... what? had a fight by herself?
[5:09:55] Eli: Guess he's had enough too
[5:10:09] neonscale: wait, why would she talk shit about Eli to me as it was unfolding but not tell you shit? I thought you were closer with her.
[5:10:28] devchelle1: i dont talk to her that much
[5:11:18] Eli: I told you, Rob. I didn't have a fight. She had a fight.
[5:11:47] Eli: I had nothign to do with it and neither did the other three people who were there.
[5:11:53] devchelle1: ok
[5:11:53 | Removed by Eli, 6:33:54] neonscale: This message has been removed.
[5:11:56] devchelle1: im lost
[5:11:57] neonscale: I just hope he's okay
[5:12:03] devchelle1: Ill show you what she told me
[5:12:18] Eli: I think Feebs is just where I'm at. Done with it.
[5:12:51] devchelle1:
[1/28/2011 4:27:01 AM] FelidaTheGeek: just had a fight with Eli and left AoD... if this blows up, please don't get involved... I'm hoping it will simply blow over and we can ignore each other
[1/28/2011 5:20:18 AM] FelidaTheGeek: Dear FelidaTheGeek:

Thank you for submitting your video appeal to YouTube. After further review, we've determined that your video doesn't violate our Community Guidelines. Your video has been reinstated and your account is in good standing.


— The YouTube Team
[1/28/2011 5:20:21 AM] FelidaTheGeek: FelidaTheGeek cheers
[1/28/2011 6:58:48 AM] Devchelle2: yay
[1/28/2011 6:58:55 AM] Devchelle2: what happened with eli?
[1/28/2011 7:08:23 AM] FelidaTheGeek: Nothing I really want to talk about. :(
[1/28/2011 7:08:38 AM] Devchelle2: k
[1/28/2011 7:10:08 AM] Devchelle2: feel better love
[1/28/2011 7:10:48 AM] FelidaTheGeek: wish I could... health issues are fucking with me badly atm, which is why I quit my job the other day
[1/28/2011 7:11:00 AM] Devchelle2: wtf?
[1/28/2011 7:11:08 AM] FelidaTheGeek: I'm hoping to get things somewhat working again, but I'm scared shitless of my cardiology checkup
[1/28/2011 7:11:09 AM] Devchelle2: you quit your job?????
[1/28/2011 7:11:11 AM] FelidaTheGeek: yes
[1/28/2011 7:11:35 AM] FelidaTheGeek: I was threadbare, it was getting too much, trying to work my job and my family while my health was going down the drain
[1/28/2011 7:12:01 AM] FelidaTheGeek: I already had a collapse in summer and went back to work after 4 weeks, my doc kept telling me it was too soon
[1/28/2011 7:12:15 AM] FelidaTheGeek: and kept telling me I need a long break, or my body would react again
[1/28/2011 7:12:24 AM] FelidaTheGeek: and I felt lately that it was going to come soon
[1/28/2011 7:12:39 AM] Devchelle2: well you need to take care of you
[1/28/2011 7:12:41 AM] FelidaTheGeek: so I finally decided to take that break and take care of my health... my kids need their mom
[1/28/2011 7:12:50 AM] Devchelle2: very true
[1/28/2011 7:13:01 AM] FelidaTheGeek: it was a tough decision :( I loved that job
[1/28/2011 7:13:26 AM] FelidaTheGeek: but what good would it be, if I end up collapsing again and perhaps not coming out of it this time
[1/28/2011 7:13:39 AM] Devchelle2: well then
[1/28/2011 7:13:45 AM] Devchelle2: take the time you need and chill
[1/28/2011 7:21:13 AM] Devchelle2: did u see this?
[1/28/2011 7:24:04 AM] Devchelle2: im doing a fuck you series on my back up channel
[1/28/2011 7:24:46 AM] Devchelle2: all of them will be about 35 seconds or so with some famous person saying something stupid and me saying fuck off
[1/28/2011 7:25:35 AM] FelidaTheGeek: Will look in a bit, working on a video atm :P
[1/28/2011 7:25:39 AM] Devchelle2: k

[5:12:58] devchelle1: thats all i know
[5:15:09] Eli: Rob, I told you. I did not fight with her. They did not fight with her. No one fought with her. SHE HAD A FIGHT
[5:15:15] devchelle1: ok
[5:15:17] devchelle1: wtf eli
[5:15:25] devchelle1: did i once say i doubted you?
[5:15:31] Eli: Oh honey I'm nto mad at you at all no worries
[5:15:39] devchelle1: did i once say i even know ANYTHING you guys are talking about?
[5:16:15] devchelle1: repeatedly I have said i dont have a clue... and i dont
[5:16:20] Eli: looks at William
[5:16:24] devchelle1: she had a fight... ok.... and????
[5:16:26] Eli: She cated liek a crazy person, Rob
[5:16:39] Eli: I don't knwo what else is appropriate to say
[5:16:47] devchelle1: i dont wanna know
[5:17:16] neonscale: She up and bolted because she couldn't handle the confiential nature of the meeting and being asked not to share info.
[5:17:16] Eli: I told you I did not have a fight she had a fight and that you didn't wanna know when you aslked me the first time
[5:17:30] devchelle1: but dont say..
[5:17:31] Eli: (I did wanr you)
[5:17:31] neonscale: this request caused her to rage on everyone
[5:17:34] devchelle1: [4:57] Eli:

<<< Oh cmon Rob I knwo she talks to you. It's no big deal.
[5:17:53] Eli: I meant you can be friends with anyoen you lkike silly
[5:18:08] devchelle1: o.O
[5:18:16] Eli: I would never ever tell anyoen who they can be friends with or who to talk to
[5:18:20] devchelle1: <----lost
[5:18:34] Eli: I knwo she talks to you. It's not a big deal, honey. No worries.
[5:18:38] Eli: I'm kinda glad
[5:18:45] devchelle1: thats right its no big deal
[5:18:46] Eli: I think she needs a few good friends after all this
[5:18:56] Eli: I told you this already.
[5:18:59] devchelle1: but i dont know what you guys are talking about
[5:19:04] devchelle1: cause no one told me
[5:19:06] neonscale: Eli says you can be her friend and Tanja's friend without worries.
[5:19:09] devchelle1: and i dont wanna know
[5:19:17] devchelle1: ???
[5:19:24] devchelle1: why would there be worries?
[5:19:24] Eli: Rob, quit feralin' lol
[5:19:39] Eli: freakin' ack I can't type
[5:19:39] neonscale: You know how YouTube drama can get
[5:19:46] devchelle1: lmao
[5:19:50] devchelle1: WHAT DRAMA???
[5:19:55] devchelle1: lol dude i am lost
[5:19:56] Eli: I was keeping you (and everyone else) the hell out of this.
[5:20:13] devchelle1: ok okm ok wait
[5:20:20] Eli: Believe me, we didn;t want it either, we just got hit by the explosion lol
[5:20:26] devchelle1: everyone... sssshhhhh ((wait))
[5:20:43] neonscale: remember what happened a few months ago. people think binary and like "you're with us or against us" - Eli said that she's not gonna treat you like that, silly. :P
[5:20:45] devchelle1: i. have. no. clue.
[5:21:12] Eli: I told you it's fine, Rob. When you ask, I keep you out of it.
[5:21:19] devchelle1: that should not need to be said
[5:21:35] devchelle1: the fact that it is said.... is odd
[5:21:39] devchelle1: o.O
[5:21:40] Eli: The only thing I ever asked of you was to be her friend cos she needs more good people around her
[5:21:54] Eli: That's it
[5:22:25] devchelle1: ok then o,o
[5:22:40] Eli: So wtf are you freakin' about then? lol Quit it, you're freakin' ME out
[5:22:56] devchelle1: [4:57] Eli:

<<< Oh cmon Rob I knwo she talks to you. It's no big deal.
[5:22:59] devchelle1: AND
[5:23:08] neonscale: it's okay Rob... deep breath
[5:23:31] devchelle1: [5:00] William Cardno:

<<< wait, why would she talk shit about Eli to me as it was unfolding but not tell you shit? I thought you were closer with her.
[5:23:41] Eli: I knwo she talks to you because you're friends, Rob. I'm the one that asked you to stay friends cos she needs more good people around her. remember? Helloooooo
[5:23:42] devchelle1: ???
[5:24:31] neonscale: well I just found that odd since the grapevine has it that you and her were really close, and she was more than comfortable going on and on to me about it when I was trying to get her to calm down and ask her to stop talking shit about Eli to me.
[5:24:36] devchelle1: <----lost
[5:24:44] devchelle1: O,O
[5:24:46] neonscale: That's where I'm coming from
[5:24:53] Eli: She did tell him shit, he got the sdtandrad PM she was sending off to everyone, Wiliam. The "I had a fight with Eli" thing? That's what she sent out to like everybody.
[5:24:59] Eli: That's when ROb came to me to ask if I was okay
[5:25:13] Eli: I confided my heart to him. I asked him to please look out for her
[5:25:16] Eli: He's a good guy
[5:25:21] Eli: He said he would
[5:25:24] neonscale: he is a good guy. :D
[5:25:28] Eli: That's all it refers to
[5:25:34] devchelle1: and thats all i know
[5:25:36] devchelle1: so yes....
[5:25:55] devchelle1: <---lost
[5:26:05] Eli: And it was a private conversation between me and ROb, no off=ense, I mean I had my heart hanging out in it so it's not that I don't love you, William, it's just that it was between me and Rob. I knwo you understand :)
[5:26:23] Eli: I just wanted him to look after Tanja. That's all.
[5:26:41] neonscale: fair enough
[5:26:53] neonscale: I'll try and txt Feebs and see what's up
[5:27:10] Eli: I'm telling you he just had enough William, that's why he went unavailable
[5:27:18] Eli: But give him my love okay?
[5:27:27] neonscale: ofcourse
[5:27:33] neonscale: bbl guys
[5:28:40] Eli: Rob, honestly, calm down. He just didn't understand we had a private conversation you and me, I guess. ANd thanks for not talking about it others. I kinda feel stupid with my heart hanging out like that, especially under the circumstances. Sort of makes me look foolish? I dunno
[5:28:44] Eli: Anyway....
[5:28:50] Eli: Is it Wednesday?
[5:29:02] devchelle1: no
[5:29:04] Eli: Whew lol
[5:29:27] devchelle1: no it just sounds accusatory... and i have no idea whats goin on
[5:30:01] Eli: No he's just upset Feebs went dark
[5:30:05] Eli: It has nothign to do with you.
[5:30:09] Eli: Everyone I knwo adores you
[5:30:30] Eli: Honestly, I think feebs just went dark for the same reason both ***** and I did
[5:30:50] Eli: I just think it took him a bit onger to get there. He has a lot goiong on right now.
[5:31:48] devchelle1: oh
[5:31:52] Eli: Rob can you see this video? Pleasew check behind me
[5:31:58] devchelle1: idk... im not around much
[5:32:06] Eli: Me either
[5:32:12] devchelle1: nope private
[5:32:18] Eli: That's odd
[5:32:42] Eli: Wait
[5:32:48] Eli: Can uou see this one?
[5:32:58] devchelle1: nope
[5:33:03] Eli: How about this one???
[5:33:11] devchelle1: nope
[5:33:14] Eli: Oh shit
[5:33:38] Eli: Every video I have in Feebs play list on my channel comes up that way
[5:33:43] Eli: every single one
[5:33:47] Eli: HOLY SHIT
[5:33:55] devchelle1: he set them to private
[5:34:00] Eli: All of them??????
[5:34:09] devchelle1: looks like it
[5:34:15] Eli: HOLY SHIT BATMAN
[5:34:26] Eli: He must be eight shades of pissed off
[5:34:53] Eli: No doubt, I shall expect an email (sighs) My poor baby. He's had enough, too, I think.
[5:35:10] Eli: See? This is a reaction to all the drama and shit, I know it
[5:35:43] Eli: I told them I'm privating my channel because I just don't wanna be available. Then they run to *****. She gets disgusted, she does it too. They must have fun to Feebs.
[5:35:44] devchelle1: i guess
[5:35:46] devchelle1: lol
[5:35:50] devchelle1: <--- lost
[5:36:27] Eli: Rob, I am allergic to bullshit lol That's my probkem, So I totally cannot handle YT drama landing i my lap every five seconds. I mean your life is not drama, it's real life.
[5:36:31] Eli: That's not the same.\
[5:36:40] Eli: I don't mean you, okay?
[5:36:47] devchelle1: k
[5:36:47] Eli: I'm talking all this other stuff
[5:36:55] Eli: Peopel's stupid unecessary wars
[5:37:12] Eli: Dragging everyone else into it like it's a game
[5:37:20] devchelle1: yea its stupid
[5:37:36] Eli: Yes it is
[5:38:13] Eli: Why can;t peopel just be honest? I mean, fi you fuck uo, own it, apologize and don't do it again. I mean ffs everyoen fucks up, yeah? We've all fucked up. Just don't treat other peopel bad because of yrou big ass ego, ya know?
[5:38:24] devchelle1: yup
[5:38:28] Eli: Amen
[5:38:36] Eli: ( I can say that I'm agnostic lol)
[5:38:42] devchelle1: lol
[5:38:47] Eli: HOLY FUCKING SHIT
[5:38:54] Eli: Rob, casn you see william's chanenl???????
[5:39:01] devchelle1: link
[5:39:14] Eli:
[5:39:26] devchelle1: nope
[5:39:32] Eli: Rut eoh
[5:39:58] Eli: yeah, feebs has had enough. Wiliam must agree with whatever he said I guess.
[5:40:04] Eli: Now there are foru of us
[5:40:06] Eli: Great
[5:40:26] Eli: I better go make sure they're okay, Rob
[5:40:31] Eli: Sorry to chata nd run
[5:40:35] Eli: Forgive me ok?
[5:40:45] Eli: Talk to y later, love, and let me know how you are ok?
[5:40:54] Eli: bblt
[5:41:04] devchelle1: later
[7:32:53] devchelle1:
[8:45:43] *** Eli removed Radon from this conversation. ***

(I removed some passages that are irrelevant in this matter)

So yes, apparently I'm some insane person who storms in and fights with herself about nothing, in desperate need of friends, gathered for me by the people who witnessed me ragequit a kumbayah singing collab

I could supply you with a lot more screenshots about their hypocricy and foul methods, but I don't think they are worth it. Besides, keeping a little backup of things is a nice thing, innit?

Oh and MsPureFiction and TemoinsGirl: Before you accuse me of doc dropping again because I refer to you by the name that others call you in public as well, read the above log and see whose name YOU throw around? :-) Thanks.

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  1. If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.
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    We know what Eli is. Forget these people!!!!