Sunday, February 20, 2011

Since people have issues with google docs...

I am not about to delete a link that tells a story about how vile TemoinsGirl really is, without replacing it with something similar, just because some people get their panties in a knot over the names they themselves use being shown. While I have explained repeatedly that doc dropping requires a unique identifier and that's not the case in the google doc, I am willing to take that step to satisfy others and post an edited (and shortened) version of what happened between DoS and TemoinsGirl here:

There was a meeting originally arranged by SoretaYuki, later hosted by TemoinsGirl in order to discuss a collab that the UTCD had been working on. I was also pulled into the conversation, but was asleep at the time, something which I do not appreciate.

In that meeting DeathOfSpeech was to present the ideas collected for the collab video. Since the meeting was done in a voice call, he paid no attention to chat, but instead had a document open with notes in regards to the project, so he didn't see chat.

TemoinsGirl apparently tried to get his attention in chat several times, but since he didn't have the chat window open, he didn't see it. She then accused him of being dismissive and arrogant, not wanting to hear her opinion. She also accused him of having made a very rude comment to Vogter.

While DeathOfSpeech acknowledged that he was clumsy, not paying attention to chat, he explained that he was not intentionally being rude, but the second accusation seemed unfounded to him. He repeatedly asked her to tell him when he had made the comment she referred to, searching through his own chatlogs, informing her he was perfectly willing to apologize if he had really made such a statement.

Instead of showing him where he had made the statement, she kept insisting he apologize for it and this continued for more than an hour.

Within this period of frying DeathOfSpeech, she also told everyone else what a misogynist prick DeathOfSpeech was, completely misrepresenting him. In a comment to me she actually insisted that the entire UTCD was not to be trusted, that they only want to abuse some feminists to further their own agenda without allowing them their own opinions. TemoinsGirl never made any clarification to me regarding that point. She never informed me that anything had been resolved. MsPurefiction confirmed all her claims.

When in the end it turned out that it had not been DeathOfSpeech, but in fact SmilingSkeptic that had made that remark about Vogter, she didn't even bother to apologize to DeathOfSpeech. She dismissed him with a mere "It wasn't you, so all is good now", after he had suffered abuse from not only her, but a large portion of the feminist community on YouTube.

I still have the screenshots in my posession, and I will gladly share them with anyone (redacted with their respective YouTube names instead of their Skype handles).

This is the way TemoinsGirl will treat anyone who happens to not do exactly as she pleases. I have confirmation from several other YouTubers that have received similar treatment from her, and I am going through much of the same now. She wants to be the unquestioned queen of everything, and I simply will not submit to her wishes.

Enough said for now. If you wish to see the screenshots that document this, feel free to contact me.

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