Saturday, July 23, 2011

The gloves are off, Joshua T. Schuster!

That's right, I am handing out your full name, including your middle initial, SniperOfBuffalo, and let me tell you why:

I can cope with it when you spread lies about me.
I can cope with it when you doctor screenshots to fake being flagged.
I can cope with you impersonating me.
I can cope with you flagging my channel down.

I will NOT allow you to harass my children!

Yes, I made the mistake of not checking if she was logged out of her channel before I posted a comment, so it went through from her account. I immediately clarified whose account this was, and the channel name should be a pretty obvious indicator that this was a CHILD'S account. Looking at her channel page before I asked her to set it to private you could SEE she is a child.

Despite me informing you of this, you decided to continue posting your vileness to HER, not ME. I asked you to stop and you LAUGHED at me and continued! So yes, I DID threaten you. Because you DO NOT GET TO HARASS A CHILD! MY CHILD!

And then you have the audacity to flag my comments, in which I warned you to not go after my daughter, as harassment? Keep flagging, Joshua T. Schuster of Buffalo, NY. A YouTube comment or video of mine is the LEAST you have to worry about now. You fuck with my children, I fuck you up, it really is that simple. It's on, bitchboy!

To my friends in the greater Buffalo, NY area: Please get in touch. We need a chat.

Joshua: If you want to avoid my wrath, feel free to issue a formal apology to my daughter and promise to leave her alone and this will end. You can continue talking shit about and to me, but my daughter is off limits. Until such an apology to her is issued, you are not just on my radar, but in my crosshairs, and I will have no remorse pulling the trigger on your sorry ass. Are we fucking clear on this?


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