Monday, July 4, 2011

Ode to the Liverpool Escalator

This poem is dedicated to all the brave YouTubers that overcame the stairs at the Liverpool "ONE" mall during the last gathering in order to have dinner together at the Pizza Hut located on the top floor, when the escalator refused to work for us (probably because none of us were Scousers).

T'was Liverpool, a rainy day,
as I recall some time in May.
After a long day walking 'round,
to find some grub our lot was bound.

And in the shopping mall called "ONE"
we thought our odyssee was done.
Just up these stairs and we'd be there,
a pizza hut, so no despair!

How to get up this massive slope
without a ladder, without rope?
"An escalator!" someone screamed,
and with bright smiles our party beamed.

But oh the horror, oh the shame,
the escalator, it was lame.
It did not move, it did not budge,
seems it was carrying some grudge.

So sick from hunger, in despair,
we climed on foot stair after stair.
Exhausted we arrived on top,
when suddenly we heard a pop.

The escalator started moving.
Was there some point that it was proving?
The thing, it clearly was a hater!
A spiteful, racist escalator!

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